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Tree Moving Solutions



Trusted Tree Planting Solutions in Mountain View, CA
Reliable Tree Relocation Services in Mountain View, CA
Tree Movers Inc. offers tree and plant relocation. This includes tree moving for the same location or to and from other locations. Tree and plant installations. This includes trees and plants acquired through us or trees and plants you may already have or acquired from another source. Ted Miljevich is a certified arborist with over 30 years of tree planting experience in the area of tree relocation and installation. We have the knowledge, equipment, and service to serve your tree moving and planting needs. Based in Mountain View, California, we are licensed and insured California landscape contractors.

Tree movers is an organization composed of experienced and trained professionals in the art or selling, installing and relocating specimen trees and plants. We have a wide variety of techniques and sophisticated and highly specialized tree relocation and planting equipment. We have the tree moving experience to relocate or plant any size tree or plant. We can do any size job, whether it is planting or relocating 2-foot size boxed trees or plants or 12-foot size boxed trees and plants. Whether it is 1 tree or 100, in a front yard, or over a house into a rear yard, we can accommodate any and all types of tree planting projects. Please contact us regarding your specific needs and requirements.
We cater to the retail homeowner, the wholesale and landscape trade.  We offer a one-stop service with a tree planting guarantee. Additionally, we have quality trees for sale from our tree nursery.
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