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Below are a few nice words from the our clients.


Ed Bough

Residential Homeowner 
I just wanted you to know that your crew did a great job today. They really went out of their way to make sure that everything was just right. They also cleaned up every scrap. Very impressive.


Both my wife and I are very pleased with the trees we picked. They look even better here than in your yard. Thanks for your help and advice in picking them out. When you spend this much on 3 trees, you don't want to make a mistake.


G.P. Heckert

Consulting Engineer 
Thank you very much for your great service and excellent workmanship! I will certainly continue to recommend A to Z to many friends on the Peninsula.


The McKeen's

Residential Homeowner 
Marilyn and I wanted you to know how pleased we are with the three new fern trees and the two transplants you installation crews planted for us last week. All of the trees look great in their locations. Also, we must compliment the excellent work and courteous attitude displayed by the tree man crew. They placed the trees carefully and accurately, braced them securely and cleaned up thoroughly. It was a job well done. We will enthusiastically recommend your company to others who may have need of your services.


Michael Galli

Metamorphosis Landscaping
I just did a shoot at the Hepp/Lutz project and I thought you might enjoy some pictures that highlighted your trees. I think the place came out great, and they are just so happy about it they are giving you a referral.


Steve Wiggens

Residential Homeowner
The tree looks fantastic. Thanks again.



Mathewson Associates Distinctive Gardens
You did a great job and my clients are very happy!


Joe & Tina Businsky

Residential Homeowner
Joe and I just wanted to let you know how very happy we were with your guys. The trees are beautiful, and the crew was fantastic!

We have to thank you so very much with your help. You were wonderful in guiding us to the right choice for our yard. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Our neighbors are commenting on how beautiful the trees are, and we will continue to let everyone know how wonderful you and your crew were to us.

So thank you very much, we wish you all the best.



Residential Homeowner
The 3 installers who came out to my house did a fantastic professional job. Please convey my thanks to them.



Residential Homeowner
Thanks for your help with the olive tree. It looks great, my neighbors are very pleased, and the guys that delivered and planted did a great job.


Everett McKeen

Residential Homeowner
Just a note to tell you that your three man crew did a fine job of planting the mature dwarf white birch in our front yard on Tuesday, January 20. As expected, the first twenty-four inches of digging was relatively easy. The next twelve to eighteen inches were more difficult but the soil was not too
tough because it was somewhat damp rather than hard baked. They handled moving the large container using ramps and blocks. Once planted, the crooked shape of the trunk gives the tree sort of an artsy look. The size looks about right compared to our existing dwarf birch about twenty-five feet away. When the leaves come out in a few months it should be spectacular.


Thanks for brokering a deal for both us and the landscape architect. Marilyn
and I appreciate your effort and consideration.



Residential Homeowner

I was Googling your site and the Yelp reviews came up, so I posted one.  Five Stars, of Course!  We love all our trees.  Hope all is well with you.


Kathy Hugens

Residential Homeowner

Ted, just wanted to let you know that the tree is in and looks great.  The gentlemen that installed the tree were very kind and efficient.  They do great work.  Thanks, we are looking forward to enjoying having it in our yard.


Kathy Ormiston

Ginkgo Fine Gardening & Design

Look forward to seeing the Parrotia thrive in this new home. It's a beautiful tree.



Residential Homeowner

Ted, your guys did a great job with our Crepe Myrtle.  Thanks much!


Patricia Rohrs

Medical Editor and Writer: Department of Anesthesiology, Stanford University

Many thanks to you and your crew for planting such beautiful redwoods on our property.  The crew worked really hard and accomplished the work in the allotted time. Please let them know we appreciated their efforts.  We are very pleased.


Jim MacDonald

Ted, You may remember the trees you moved for me at Kings Mountain Road in Woodside:  11 Oaks, 6 small and 2 large redwoods.  I just wanted to let you know that they are all looking great.  We've been diligent with our water, but without your expert work to move them properly they would not be doing so well.  Thanks for your job well done.



Your men did a fabulous job of taking out the dead trees and putting in 9 new ficus, which are gorgeous.  Many thanks for putting up with all the phone calls and getting it done so well for us.



Ted, Thanks for your help with the olive tree.  It looks great, my neighbors are very pleased, and the guy that delivered and planted did a great job.



Ted, we love our trees and your guys did an amazing job planting them!


Karen & Mike Kapolnek

As you know, our three 36" boxed English Laurel trees were installed May 10. We wanted to let you know that Fernando, Humberto and Rafael were o ntime and worked politely, cooperatively and steadily to install them.  They paid close attention to the placement, fertilizing, soil preparation, and secure and upright staking.  About a week later now, they appear to be doing well, and we are very happy with how they look.


We understand that your staff have been with you an extended time, with 2 of the 3 of them with you 20 or more years.  It is remarkable to hear of that type of loyalty and this must reflect on both you and your employees.


We are happy to do business with your company for all the reasons above


Carol George

Thank you so much for such a wonderful tree buying and installing process.  I will be sending business your way (should any friends need treeing!).  And your guys are wonderful...  You buy good trees and have a great bunch of guys supporting the effort!  We are thrilled!


Alex Sharpe

Love the tree Ted, nice work, Your guys are first class!!



Love the tree! Loved your guys! Have a wonderful weekend! I will be speaking to you soon.  The clients loved their new tree as well!



Hi Ted, The tree worked out perfectly and everyone is happy.  Thanks for the great install.


Pat M.

5 stars


These guys are fantastic!  I wish I'd known about them when we first did our landscaping.


Ted has a forest of big trees to look at and he really knows everything about them. -- species, water-savers, etc.  He even ordered some trees for us.


Yes, you have to make an appointment, but that's a good thing because you get to pick out the specific tree (size, shape) you want.  And you get the benefit of Ted's expertise.  He can advise you on what will work best in your particular climate zone, soil type, sun, shade, whatever.


The guys who planted our trees were great.  We got 24" boxes with trees about 15 feet tall, and it was amazing to see how the team maneuvered them.  They planted each tree exactly where we wanted it, staked it and put in a deep watering/inspection tube.  Everything was neat and tidy when they left.


The prices are very reasonable when you consider:


- (1) These are big trees.  Yes, you an buy something in a small container and wait 2-5 years for it to grow.  But if you want or need something large right away, e.g., for privacy screening, it's really worth the money.


- (2) Transporting and planting a big tree isn't easy.  You wouldn't want to do it yourself!


- (3) The trees are guaranteed.


Ted and his team are knowledgeable, reliable and hard-working.  And they're really great to work with.

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