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Specimen Inventory and Tree Information

A to Z Specimen Trees of All Kinds

Acacia to Zelkova, yes, we have them all!

We have an extensive, diverse specimen inventory with tree information in Mountain View, CA.  If you want a specimen tree, you came to the right place.  If you do not see what you want from our inventory list, just ask.  Our tree nursery can find and locate it within the industry.  We have many tree nurseries we can draw from.  Our tree supplier associates range from British Columbia, Pacific Northwest, California to the Mexican Border, Texas, Idaho and the Western United States.  If there are trees for sale out there, we will find it for you.

Key to "Form" descriptions:

 1” = thickness of the tree trunk.

 Std = standard tree trunk form

 Multi =  multiple trunks 

 Bush = bush form

 Hedge = hedge form

 1” LB = low branching 

 Column = narrow type 

 Esp = espalier 

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