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Hydroseeding and Grass Installation

Hydroseeding Concept

Hydroseeding or Hydro mulching is a common practical technique of seed establishment with grass installation. The application lends itself to a wide variety of locations and seed species including droughts tolerant lawn grasses, ground covers, wildflowers, meadow and clover mixes, native and specialty grasses and soil erosion blends. Seed mixes can be adjusted for factors and situations as site conditions, irrigation and dryland-native areas lend themselves with our turf renovation solutions.

Hydroseeding Process 

Four basic elements comprise the hydro mulch slurry. Seed, fertilizer, fiber mulch, and tackifier. These elements are mixed with water as a slurry mix in a machine mounted mixing tank. Under hydraulic pump pressure, the slurry is applied through a hose over desired areas. Hose applications are ideal for backyards with a beautiful oak tree and hard to access locations for vehicles. Up to 300 feet of hose can make even the most remote grass installation job accessible to the process.

Hydroseeding Applications 

Who can benefit from the hydroseeding or erosion control process? The list includes residential homeowner sites installing new lawns or renovations. Landscape contractors with commercial and residential turf or ground cover installations, landscape maintenance companies with turf renovations, landscape architect organizations with consulting recommendations. Golf courses with large fairway renovations and installations, municipalities with parks and special athletic turf requirements. Builder/developers with construction erosion control/slope stabilization situations.

Effective Turf Renovation in Mountain View, CA
Detail-Oriented Turf Renovation in Mountain View, CA
Beautiful Grass Installation in Mountain View, CA
Hydroseeding Grass Installation in Mountain View, CA

Hydroseeding Process

This is the standard hydroseeding and grass installation process used where erosion control is basic and or a lawn or meadow type area is the applied target. Seed, fertilizer, and tackifier are mixed with the mulch slurry all as one process and applied evenly over the desired area.


Application Continues

Application Completed

Growth After 30 Days

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