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Specimen Trees for Sale

Our Specimen Tree Nursery is California licensed and certified to sell landscape tree and nursery stock plants. We have over 2,000 specimens of trees and plants from which to choose at our Mountain View nursery, such as fruit and oak trees. We also have access to multiple sources to acquire more specimen landscape trees and plants as needed. All our specimen trees and plants are offered as a package deal. This includes the selling, installing, and guaranteeing our product. Tree Movers, a licensed and insured California landscape contractor, provides the installation of all our plants. Our Mountain View specimen nursery is shown by appointment only. So please call to make arrangements for viewing our trees for sale. Ted Miljevich is an "Advanced California Certified Nursery Professional" with over 38 years of experience in the nursery industry. We have the knowledge, product, and service to meet your specimen tree or plant needs.



We have trees for sale contained in boxes. All our trees and plants are individually cataloged with ID numbers for each palm, oak, or fruit tree in our inventory. This allows for plant specifications such as height, width, form, trunk caliper, etc. to be viewed for easy reference. We have an extensive inventory with a wide range of trees and plants to meet your needs. Whether you need an evergreen tree to screen the view of your yard from your neighbor, a backyard small, decorative patio type tree, or a front yard large shade tree to keep you cool in the summer. We have them all. If for any reason you do not find something you are looking for in our complete inventory section listing, please inquire as we have many sources and suppliers throughout the western US for acquiring specimen trees and plants. Please ask about pricing structure as the nature of our service is supplying a complete packaged product. Please call with any questions about our products or tree moving services.


Quality Trees for Sale

Large, healthy trees increase property value and make outdoor surroundings more pleasant. Make your yard the envy of your neighbors by visiting Tree Movers where we have superior trees for sale in Mountain View, CA. Our team of experts can help you select and then install a tree that will enhance the overall look of your property.


Spruce up your Yard with our Services

Our tree specialists can help you select a species of tree that is appropriate for the soil and environment of the planting site. We have the experience and knowledge to decide which tree best suits your property and which location is suitable for installation. We work closely with our clients to plant species that thrive in their landscape by factoring in local climate and soil conditions along with short and long-term property goals.


In addition to planting trees, we provide relocation tree services to ensure that your trees are in a location that provides them with optimal health. Using durable equipment, we can relocate trees at the same site or move them to a new home.


Contact us today to learn more about our services and trees for sale. We proudly serve Mountain View, California, and the surrounding area.

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