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Ball and Burlap Method


The ball and burlap method (B&B). In situations where space access or limitations dictate the site or options. A plant can be dug by hand into a round style root ball and it's root mass incased with burlap hemp. The plant can then be moved to it's new location or moved off site to a new location if the situation dictates.

Japanese Maples B&B Relocation

Hydraulic Method

Hydraulic tree spades can be used when site access is appropriate. The tree spade with it's 4 hydraulic digging blades that push into the soil around a plant. Can encapsulate a trees root ball in one efficient operation and replant it to a new location on the site or take it off site to a new location. We have four assorted root ball diameter hydraulic tree spades available. Designed to match the size plant in question to the relocation needed. Tree spades are an efficient and economical method of plant relocation and assures a very high percentage in transplanting survival.

90" Hydraulic Tree Spade
65" Hydraulic Tree Spade
44" Hydraulic Tree Spade

Wood Side Boxing

Wood side boxing will come into play for those medium plus to larger size trees and plants. Also any plant that needs to be relocated and stored and replanted at a latter date as construction schedules dictate. This is a process where backhoe excavation style equip mentor, or hand digging, is used to excavate the root ball area. A wooden box is custom formed around the root ball, fully incasing the root ball sides and bottom. Cranes or other style equipment are then used to move the boxed tree or plant to it's new location and replanted or stored on or off the site as needed. Wood side boxing is a tried an proven method, 16' and larger size boxed trees have been relocated with outstanding results.

13' Box Cedar Tree Relocation
4' Box Camphor Tree Relocation
16' Box Cedar Tree Relocation
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