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About Us

Tree Movers, Inc., owned and operated by Ted Miljevich, can serve your needs of installing trees in the Mountain View, California, area of selling and installing, specimen sized trees and plants. We also offer "tree relocation" services and

"Hydroseeding" services.

Specimen Trees

The Great Task of Moving Trees

Trees are the largest of plants, especially when you consider their roots are deep in the soil and their branches extend far into the sky – moving even the smallest tree while ensuring it isn’t damaged in any way can be a massive undertaking. When you want a tree moved on to, away from, or around your property, count on our company for tree relocation in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.


With a certified arborist at the helm, the professionals at our company know how to transport a tree safely. For example, there’s a huge tree on your small city lot that’s just too much tree for the property. We can dig it up, tie up the crown, and relocate that tree where it has plenty of space to grow. We have the expertise and experience for a successful move.


However, relocation is hard on trees, whether they’re young or old. What we do is hydrate the tree thoroughly before we move it, wrap it in a tarp, and get it back in the ground as quickly as possible. After moving, we make sure the tree has all the water it needs to re-establish itself. Tender loving care is required for one to two years after a tree has been relocated. Whether you need 1 or 100 trees moved, rely on us to install your trees.

Huge Inventory of Trees for Installation

We have an abundance of plants for landscaping – everything from redwoods to citrus to bamboo and Japanese maple. We have an extensive inventory of all types and sizes of trees that come from all over the western United States as well as British Columbia. When you have your heart set on a particular size and species, just reach out to us to find it for you.

Hyrdoseeding for Erosion Control

Erosion is a big concern where we live. Because of this, many of our customers request hydroseeding services for grass installation. Essentially, what this involves is spraying a slurry of seed and mulch onto an area you would like to strengthen with grass that holds the soil in place. Usually, that place is a slope or hill of some sort. This is an effective method of erosion control that places green grass on the land.


Contact us today to take care of all the tasks that come with tree moving or installation on your property. We proudly serve home and business owners in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Tree Relocation Solutions in Mountain View, CA
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