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General Plants

The following photos are a representative sampling of our larger selection of General Plants. Refer to our complete inventory as to sizes and specific varieties.
24" Boxed Camelia Krameers Supreme
36" Boxed Cornus Kousa
48" Boxed Jacaranda Mimosifolia Mult
36" Boxed Jacarands Mimosifolia Stan
48" Boxed Arbutus Marina Multi
36" Boxed Betula Jacquemontii Multi
36" Boxed Prunus Caroliniana Compact
48" Boxed Cinnamonum Camphora
60" Boxed Araucarcia Araucana
48" Boxed Lagerstroemia Tuscarora
48" Boxed Metrosideros Excelsus Mult
60" Boxed Ginkgko Autumn Gold
36" Boxed Podocarpus Gracilior
24" Boxed Prunus Laurocerasus
Boxed Magnolia Samuel Sommer
36" Boxed Pieris Japonica
Vivurnum "mariesii" (fall color)
48" Boxed Ficus Nitita
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Specimen Trees Shown Only By Appointment - Thanks !

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36" Boxed Prunus Caroliniana Compact